AAA HaulAway:
Is working to keep Phoenix and the surrounding cities clean and beautiful.

Got Trash?
Did you put your bulk trash out too early or too late? Have the monsoon storms left a mess for you? Have you been thinking about cleaning it up, but just can't find the time?


AAA HAULAWAY is a full service clean-up and haul-away contractor located in central Phoenix, Arizona.

We are a specialized "total debris removal service" for real estate investors, landlords and homeowners seeking to clean up and remove:

  • All types of loose trash and debris.

  • Junk furniture and appliances.

  • Construction and demolition debris.

  • Tree trimmings and yard waste.

  • Dirt, Sod, Rock, Concrete etc.

  • ?
We also offer the following services:

  • The complete design, form, pour and finish of custom and standard concrete.

  • Interior / exterior remodeling demolition and some full structural demolition.

  • Vacant property and lot maintenance: weed removal, burms, board ups. etc.

City Zoning Violations

If you have received a city zoning violation notice for trash, debris or vegitation on your property, we can work with your inspector to bring your property into compliance to avoid any fines.

Explore our website and its links

Please be sure to visit the Phoenix City Government webpage describing Prohibited wastes listed on our "Links" page. Contact us via phone or email at any time through the "contact" links. Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!

AAA HaulAway

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